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The Moon was shining brightly in the sky, and practically everyone wanted to go there.

Your wish is now within reach.

You are aware of the technological world we are in. Each nation makes use of its own technologies.

intends to achieve fame and success

The UAE's DUBAI is one of the several nations competing in this event.

1. Tallest Building of the Word

Tallest building of the word also have in Dubai. 
Burj khalifa is tallest building of the world. 

2. J.W Marriott's Hotel Dubai

J.W Marriott's hotel also in Dubai. 
J.W Marriott's hotel is tallest hotel of the world until 2018.

▶ More About J.W Marriott's.

3. Tallest Hotel of the word

Now gevora hotel is tallest hotel of the word.
Gevora hotel also located in Dubai.

▶ More About Gevora Hotel.

4. Dubai Future Museum

Just last year in Dubai open beautiful building that name is Dubai future museum. 
Amazing technology use in Dubai future museum building. You can control earth gravity inside Dubai future museum and you can talk to many robots and can travel to out of earth.

▶ More About Dubai Future Museum.

5. The Big wheel 🎡 of the world

The Big wheel 🎡 of the world also in Dubai.
This wheel located at blue water island / Eye Dubai.
▶ More About Big wheel.

6. Burj Al Arab
Burj Al Arab the biggest 7 start luxury hotel of the world.
▶ More About Burj Al Arab.
Burj Al Arab located at Dubai Jumeirah Beach. 

7. The world island Dubai

The world island Dubai is the largest man-made island in the world. 
In this island have all countries of the world.

8. The palm 🌴 Jumeirah Dubai
The palm Jumeirah also in Dubai It is also a very beautiful tree-shaped city built over the sea.
▶ More About The palm Jumeirah.

As you know this is the age of technology Each country uses its own technology
Wants to reach the heights of fame.
If you have been dreaming of it, it will soon become possible in Dubai.

Moon-Shaped Lxury Hotel resort in Dubai
A luxury hotel will be built in Dubai, name is Moon resort Dubai.

According to foreign media reports, a moon-shaped luxury hotel will be built in Dubai.

According to media reports, the construction of this hotel has been entrusted to a Canadian company, which will construct the building called Moon World Resort in 48 months, which will have a total height of 735 feet.
One crore people will be able to stay in Moon World Resort annually.

According to media reports, the objective of Moon World Resort is to provide hotel guests with an affordable space tourism experience on Earth.

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