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Who control the world ?? who create corona virus?

This world was very proud of its 300 three hundred years of development.

>>who create corona virus

>> The United States and Europe, which had built up to its space shield, have also fallen backwards.

>> Only one Corona virus has zeroed in on the world's 300 years of progress 

>> Flying over the heavens landed on the ground.

>> Empty the sea from the ships.

>> Those who feed on oil earnings who said that oil will never run out and poverty will never come. Now tell them to drink oil instead of water .

>> Atom bombs and don't know what to make. All monkeys look like each other.

Everything is of no use and there it is.
Did any man today think that he would see this day of his helplessness?

Happy 2020 when the 2020 begins
Happy New Year
We Love New Year
How did the year go up ...?

>>Despite being so black and sinful, God bless that I am blind to him.
But I didn't even think I would see the glory of it in my life.

>>He set the whole world upside down.
>>He says that all times belong to Him.
>>Go sacrifice to your GOD.

>>I seek refuge with Allah, saying that I have realized the Hour by the slightest glimpse of His power.
>>The winds and waters have not yet been ordered. Even now the earth has not been ordered
He alone is the Almighty.

>>Remember that if he did not show mercy and riots broke out for food, we would not be able to satisfy our hunger by eating the paper notes and plastic credit cards that are circulating for us.
 When hunger prevails, what law, what civilization, what kind of society, what morality ...?

That is what the system is running ...

He is GOD [ ALLAH]

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